Poetry in the Modern World

In the hearts of those who love poetry you can find quotes from great poets throughout history. There was a time the only place for poet lovers to converge were in coffee shops and one mic nights in dark quiet cafes. How do we share our poetry in the world today? There is a great world of poetry to be found in the social reaches of the internet. Search online and you will find there is a market for everything and each market is thriving in its own way. These markets pertain to poetry, a market that can be under represented in other places.

On the New York Times Best Seller list we find fiction and nonfiction books categorized in what feels like endless possibilities. However, the poetry best seller list is hard to find. One thing we can see is that not many poetry books, written by new authors, are purchased as much as other fiction in America. The question then becomes how do we know that people love poetry? That is where those social corners of the internet come in handy. There will always be exceptions in becoming a best-selling poet, but most people have found that releasing their poetry in the form of blogs is the best outlet. There are scores of writers who meet together online and share their craft. This free market of poetry has allowed not only poets, but those who love to read poetry to find a community. There are different communities that offer different things to the world of poetry. There are sites that share others poetry, organize poetry communities, and some personal blogs. There are even sites that can tell you the best poetry sites to discover.

Since we poets no longer stand in taverns sharing epic news stories in the form of poetry. We go online and lay it out for the world to see and to do with as they please. Often poets do this with little or no recognition, praise or compensation. The brave will create blogs that put their hearts out on their sleeves and self-publish wonderful works of art. The blog has become in its own way a book publication for many. Why not start your own blog today? I have found I have no reason to wait any longer.

To get started try these three steps:

1. Pick a blog site that will represent you.

There are many sites that you can start with today. Each will be different based on your level of skill Don’t worry if you aren’t an expert coder or internet guru.

2. Choose a theme.

Is your poetry all about love? Choose images and a name that reflect that. Even if your poetry has many different themes find a way to express that in the blog title.

3. Put your poetry out there.

Don’t worry if its perfect get the poem out there. Once the first poem is shared then the next will be easier. You’ll find yourself turning your blog into a book in no time.