Buying Real Estate – Tips What to Look For

What should a buyer look for after they’ve decided to purchase a piece of property? Here are some points to be taken care of1. Location
The old real estate adage goes like this, “There are three things important when purchasing property; they are location, location, and location”. You can change nearly anything about a building or house except for where it’s located. Make certain that the dwelling is in a good neighborhood, meaning that it is safe, attractive, in a city or town where there are ample employment opportunities, and not near a nuclear power plant or toxic dump2. Good bones
The home may need quite a bit of cosmetic work, but look for a house that has good bones. The bones are the structural components, such as foundation, plumbing, roof, and electrical. The easiest parts of a house to fix are the curb appeal items such as paint, flooring, and landscaping. It’s amazing how many buyers are scared away by an ugly house, when in fact this may be the exact sort of place where you can find the best bargain. Even a fairly attractive home will probably require a bit of personality nudging in terms of paint, flooring and the yard. Don’t be scared off by the cosmetically impaired.3. Having the home inspected in order to rule out major defects
It’s a wise idea to have a licensed home inspector check out the house in order to ascertain that you’re not purchasing a money pit. If the house does need work on roof, electrical or plumbing, a home inspection will let you know this ahead of time so that you will be able to figure it into the home’s true cost. Do the math to see if it’s still a good deal. Finding your own home inspector is a smart idea, as well, rather than simply settling for the one real estate that your Realtor suggests. Your Realtor’s suggestion may be a good one, but if the two of them work together on a regular basis, they may have an alliance that is not in your favor.4. Digging a bit deeper
If everything checks out with a real estate and you feel that you’ve found the house of your dreams, take your investigation a step further. Talk to the neighbors to see if there’s anything about this house or neighborhood that you should know, contact the local police department to ask for background on any crimes that have occurred at that address, and visit the property at all times of the day and night to see if there’s a hidden problem that only occurs at certain times of the day.